Is SAXHOLDER-PRO suitable for all saxophones? SAXHOLDER-PRO works great with alto sax and tenor sax. Many players use the SAXHOLDER-PRO with baritone sax. There are players which use SAXHOLDER-PRO fully satisfied with the bass sax. A special adition for bass clarinet and bassoon is available, with a longer cord and a metal hook.

Is SAXHOLDER-PRO available in different sizes? For most adults and Children from 12 years on the regular SAXHOLDER-PRO size M will fit, since all relevant parts are adjustable. However, for very big players, let say more than 100 kg (220 lbs) and / or taller than 190 cm (6′ 3”) better solution would be a SAXHOLDER-PRO XL which is available too.

Is SAXHOLDER-PRO suitable for children? It is suitable for children over about 12 years. We recommend that children should not use neck straps. It is really bad, when they have to bear the full weight of the instrument on the neck.

Can I play with the SAXHOLDER-PRO in sitting position? SAXHOLDER-PRO is suitable for playing while standing or sitting. When you play away-from-body, your right thumb will fatigue much less than with other straps, since the cord attachment is further forward. You can move with the instrument very freely in all directions. When sitting, the SAXHOLDER-PRO don’t slips away all the time, because the shoulder handle and the abdomen rest are made of slip resistant material.

Is it possible to store the SAXHOLDER-PRO in the instrument case? Yes, SAXHOLDER-PRO fits perfectly into the tenor sax or baritone sax bell. If the packing place is narrow, the handles can be pulled out horizontally (watch the direction of arrows) and can be stored separately.

In which color are SAXHOLDERS-PRO available? All parts of SAXHOLDER-PRO, including cord are black, only the eye of the hook is bare metal.

How secure is the hook? The common available plastic hooks are assembled from multiple parts, this connection can solve or break. Most of the available cast metal hooks are inherently brittle and can break. Hooks made from bare metal have the disadvantage that they have a lot of friction in the attachment of the instrument, which wear out over the time. Hook from SAXHOLDER-PRO is made of stainless steel, with high performance plastic coating. This is the safest and most effective combination. The cord is made of highly durable, scrub resistant Dyneema cord, breaking load is 250 kg (!)

How heavy is the SAXHOLDER-PRO? SAXHOLDER-PRO weighs, ready-to-use less than 180 grams.